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Unlock Marketing Secrets That Work 


Why Hire PMC Marketing?

We add the passion to your brand purpose.

We are a polished marketing agency that specializes in consulting, marketing, branding, public relations, product launching, social media, awareness and visual creative.

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We are a creative agency that helps corporate and small businesses effectively launch, create marketing branding tools and strategies, grow successful brands and poducts that truly resonate with their target audiences.


PMC Marketing 

We care the most.


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Market your brand towards your target audience. We offer different strategies and approaches dominated by the (7) Ps of marketing namely Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence. The (7) Ps framework is one of the most popular framework for deciding a marketing strategy, right from strategy formulation to actual implementation.

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We specialize in branding, brand identity, as well as brand management . This includes logo creation, company mottos, campaigns, brand colors, product design/packaging and a brand strategy that will give you an advantage against your competitors. We are known as the industry’s TREND setters.

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Public Relations

We specialize in Public Relations services where we help you or your brand maintainability favorable image at all times in the media. This may include featured write ups, press releases, interviews, and bookings. An effective PR strategy is a vital component to a marketing plan.

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Social Media Management

We offer social media management as one of our many services. This includes visual strategy, followers engagement, social media analytics, daily posts, content creation and more. We strongly believe that in this day and age, it is key to make your social media presence one of your top priorities.


Content Creations

We specialize in content creations where we contribute information to different social media platforms to create content that attracts your target demographic. This content may include videos, quotes, articles, interviews, design graphics and more. Content creation is one of the key services when it comes to taking your brand to the next level.

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Brand Identity

We absolutely love helping brands find their identity. Brand identity is the elements that the audience physically sees and remembers such as, color, product packaging and logo. Brand identity is what differentiates your brand from your competitors.

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Brand Revamping

Here’s where we take your established brand and redesign the brand or company’s image. Before any change is implemented in the revamp a thorough plan will be constructed first. We explore several different strategies until we find the one that fits the best for you brand or company.This may include web design, business templates including cards, logo revamp and more.


Book Ghost Writing

Due to our remarkable storytelling abilities, we have become highly sought-after for celebrities and entrepreneurs seeking to release books of their own. Ghost Writing is a excellent option for individuals who have valuable content, stories and ideas to share- yet lack the time, skill, resources or energy to put them into written from. Our process is 100% authentic and clients are always pleased with the end result. We manage all of your book project needs including book editing, cover design, interior book design, audio, ebook, hard copy publishing, copyright and ISBN numbers.

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Videography & Drone

We Produce Product Photos & Videos that Increase Volume/Sales, Brand Exposure and Following. What's important to consider about videography is the visibility it brings to your brand. It's about letting people know you exist visually and that you're open for business.

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Complete photography solutions for businesses and brands of all sizes. Professional photos to capture your brand at its best. Offering in-studio and on-location services.

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Styling & Personal Shopping

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Event Planning

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