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Passionate Chonvill, is what many may refer to as a marketing mastermind who has been in the marketing industry for over ten plus years. A professional brand therapist, marketing and branding coach.


PMC is your one stop shop for everything marketing and branding. We offer services in Product Branding/Launching, Digital Social Media Marketing Management, Marketing Consulting and Brand Awareness/ Management . We help businesses convert their target audiences to their target customers.


Passionate Chonvill has worked with many luxury brands and corporations such as Moet Hennessy, Dove, Pepsi, Cadillac and Saks Fifth Avenue to name a few. With many marketing training tools outside of books to help brands elevate sales growth and volume. She is a firm believer in creating a “trend” and not following them.

A true believer of the law of attraction as well as the importance of the mindset, Passionate also is a book ghostwriter for many successful authors to date and enjoys writing motivational, inspirational and spiritual books as well.

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