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Are you ready to elevate your brand to new heights of success?

Want to make sure your amazing product or service reaches your IDEAL customer?


The Law Of Marketing & Branding is a no-holds-barred, one-stop-shop of a book that will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know about building your brand and marketing yourself to meteoric success!

Marketing is a complex and potentially costly part of business, and in the super-competitive environment of today’s marketplace, precision and accuracy is everything. Branding is equally challenging, with the sheer volume of influencers, established companies and household brands requiring any newcomers to be original, on-trend and eye-catching.

Featured Topics

The Law Of Marketing & Branding will teach you:

The key pillars of branding you NEED to know!

How to identify your target audience demographic with laser precision and ease.

Tried-and-tested strategies to build and TRANSFORM your brand!

How to run successful social media and business marketing campaigns that bring in the cash from Day 1.

Marketing do’s and don’ts...from a professional with more than 10 years of experience!

How to elevate your brand to compete with the big names in a competitive market.


This is the ultimate handbook for all the hustlers and believers who never gave up on themselves and are taking the necessary steps to enhance their business or brand success. The Law Of Marketing & Branding will become your new business go-to as you navigate the thrilling world of marketing and branding.

About the Author

Passionate Chonvill is a marketing mastermind who has worked in the industry for over a decade. Passionate is a professional marketing and branding coach and the CEO of PMC Marketing, a marketing agency based out of Atlanta, Ga. She has worked with multiple luxury brands and corporations, including Moet, Hennessy, Dove, Pepsi, Cadillac and Saks Fifth name a few!
Passionate firmly believes in creating trends, not following them, and has created many training tools to help brands elevate sales growth and volume. A true believer of the law of attraction and the importance of mindset, Passionate is also a ghostwriter for many successful authors and enjoys writing motivational, inspirational and spiritual books.